A Piece of Me

Year 1

January 14, 2019

I've decided to make a yearly post on the things I've learned about my marriage. A little recap of my own. Marriage is so new to me that at times I still can believe I'm someone's wife. It has been one smooth ride this year, with some slight bumps but nothing my husband and I can't handle. When women exclaim they got lucky meeting their husband, although it may seem monotonous. . . I really do feel like the luckiest woman in the world. If I could define him in one single word it would be devoted. He is devoted to our family, home, and our many pets. But he's more than just that. . . he's caring, loving, loyal, and very thoughtful. But one of his most beloved attributes is his sense of humor. He sure knows how to bring a smile to my face and everyone around him.

Here are a few things I have learned about marriage and my dear husband:

1. Compromise. . . it's the most important concept in marriage. One constant struggle I see in a lot of couples is that the women are stuck doing all the house chores, while the men just do "manly" chores. There's no such thing like that in our home. We're both equals in every way, therefore chores are no exception. One partner is usually stuck with most of the load at home and that can be overwhelming. 

2. Rule one in our home: the chef doesn't do the dishes. If I cook dinner he does the dishes and vise versa. From time to time after I cook dinner I try to help him and he'll stop me. He'll say, "You've already done too much this evening babe, it's my turn." Give it a shot, it will make your evening's a lot easier, for both of you.

3. Trust your partner. Simple.

4. Our schedules are so hectic that we have to communicate, ALOT. Communication between us is key. We reference back to our calendars, almost daily. Logging and sharing things via calendar has made our lives so much easier. We got scheduling pretty much locked down. 

5. He spends most of the time playing with the kids outside. Some of the things they do together is play basketball, kickball, four square, rope swinging etc. This gives me time to clean up or cook a meal. I sometimes get to nap in the middle of the day! I'm very grateful for that. 

6. Find time for each other. We go to dinner and a movie, without our friends, at least once a month. Having a date night once a month rekindles our love and it reminds us how great it feels dating each other, even if  we're married.

7. When he leaves out of town for work, I get really sad and I miss him so, so much. It can be for a day or two. . . I'm still working on being okay with his absence for a few days. 

8. He's a really good handy man. He grabs his set of tools and is on his way to fix just about anything.

9. When we first started dating, his place was impeccably organized and clean. Come to find out. . . I'm way more organized and clean than him. It's a little scary. I'm like the calm version of Monica from Friends.

10. He's a much better driver than I am. Therefore, he drives us around everywhere. He's more at ease when he drives. I honestly think he's scared of being in a car that I'm driving.

11. He's such a morning person and, well. . . I'm not. Please give me a cup of coffee and a few hours,  and I'll be my "regular" self. He wakes up so freaking cheery and full of energy.

And that's year one!




January 14, 2019

36 looks good on you darling. Happy birthday hubby.

Bianca Sparacino


January 08, 2019

“Trust that some of the best days of your life haven’t even happened yet. There are going to be parties that leave you dancing until 6am, spontaneous adventures that teach you more than you ever learned in a classroom. There are going to be nights that will stay burned beneath your eyelids, memories that dance underneath your skin. Life is going to exceed your expectations, it is going to astonish you with its timing.

Remember — you have not felt it all.
The world still has so much left for you”

Here's to 2019. Cheers.

― Bianca Sparacino

A Piece of Me


January 08, 2019

Perhaps they are stars. . . glimmers of hope and pure serenity. Yet, they're million of light years away - fireflies in the dark sky - a subtle presence of their everlasting love. Rest in peace Orvis Sr. you will be missed but never forgotten. Boy will always love you.


Mom & Dad, I Did It

December 10, 2018

I had the privilege and liberation to earn a degree, others around the world don't have that kind of opulence in this lifetime. Statistically, I now join the small percentage of  Hispanic teenage mothers who actually graduate from college. I'm a woman with a degree. I'm a Mexican-American with a degree. I'm the daughter of two Mexican immigrants with a Bachelor of  Science in Social Sciences and a minor in Psychology. Without my parents efforts and dedication to their children; my education, irrefutably, would be nonexistent. 

Thank you Mom & Dad. 

It has been a tedious, relentless, and lengthy journey but it's my struggle. . . and I'm damn proud of it. (Onto my Masters.)