Nothing Last For Ever

May 14, 2009

I don't even know where to begin. The pain I feel inside is a different kind of pain. I don't feel sorrow nor sadness, it's a numb sensation. I know his presence won't be around any more and at times I feel as if that's something I can't bare. I'm use to him, everything about him is a daily routine. A routine I have accepted over the years. But deep down inside, some where nearby my heart, I know this is the best thing for both of us. For us to part and live separate lives, live and enjoy life the way its meant to be with out anything holding us back. I feel relieved, I know I'm not that woman, I refuse to be worried about another person day and night. A relationship shouldn't be that way. Trust is an important factor in life. Its the backbone to any relationship, the only thing that holds two people together. I let to many things slide and I had to draw a line in some point of time. Or else he would of kept doing the same things over and over again because "P" always gave him the green light. When the entire time, I had to stand up to what I knew was right. He didn't respect what I wanted, my concerns, my advice, that ease that wouldn't let me sleep at night. All along he and I knew it was better to be apart but people can be so ignorant when it comes to love. They ignore all the facts and just sit along for the ride.

 In my eyes, days will become weeks, and weeks will feel like months but its just another obstacle to overcome. I'm able to walk away from this relationship knowing I gave it my all. I provided that unconditional love, friendship, and support. And I will never regret all those years, even if I felt pain here and there, it's just part of life. He has a beautiful heart and a good head on his shoulders. I could see through that man, see what no one else could. Good luck with everything old friend. Peace.

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