Because He Listens

June 25, 2009

Its been a little over a week since my Dad's surgery and his in great condition. Before he had his surgery he wasn't able to see from his right eye. The tumor was applying too much pressure upon it which resulted on being completely blind. After almost 4 hours of waiting on the completion of his surgery the doctor announced the surgery came out better than they expected. A few more hours went by and finally he was able to wake up from all the anesthesia. After all the restless nights, the countless amount of prayers, and the support of my family & friends, my Dad is doing tremendously well. The fabulous news is that his able to see from his right eye again. So once again the man upstairs follows through with his promises and I remain a firm believer. Hope and fate help people embrace and face the coming of tomorrow, that everything will turn out for the better, and that things do happen for a reason. I know at times we sit there and question why do things happen the way they do but he has a reason for everything. Everyone knows this life isn't easy, that there will be a few bumps along the road, too bad nobody ever told us how many or for how long will encounter them. Faith is a strong and hard thing to believe in and even harder to maintain over the years. People tend to give up on it after a few life changing encounters or challenges. Don't give up on it, until this day I haven't, just stand out and shine like no other. Peace.

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