Tuesday, June 9, 2009

That's What I'll Do

Every time I hear the song "Sparks" by Coldplay, I feel like jotting down my thoughts, it never fails. I've been extremely busy with work and school and then everything that has been going on with my daddy. Sometimes I feel like giving up. Whats the whole point of all of this? But then again, there's that distant light that continues to illuminate regardless of the situation. It's there to remind you that this life is worth living for, the people among you, the love and all the support keep this light glowing with such a magnitude. And even when I feel like breaking down because I feel like all of this is too much, I think of all the good in my life. All the joy and accomplishments that are yet to be overcome, all the triumphs, the mistakes I acknowledged and corrected, the hurting that makes your shell that much tougher, the silent cries that are overpowered by laughter, the love that grows within for a person without even realizing it, this and more is worth living for. Peace.

Fetching You
They say that when the good go
They leave us with a smile
They reach for who has come for them
To take them to the next place
And smile, stretch out and recognise
And go with them
And leave us
Impoverished by absence
Enriched by memory
YouHave slid away
Still and silent
Dragged by angels
Away from our
But the smile lingers, reluctant to fade
The smile ghosts the room
A scrap of you
Left here for the next time
Left for when it’s your turn
To be some other’s guide
And your smile
Has scratched the lives
Of each and every one of us
And we shall see you one more time
When you come back to claim your smile
And some small part of each of us
Will still be here to greet you

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Anonymous said...

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

"The World is Yours"

Control your mind; don't let it control you. Be strong. Keep your mind strong. Don't give up because that will make you feel worse.

Your not weak. You're stronger than you think you are...