Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Billie Jean

I want to thank all the people that attended my birthday celebration. Although my physical presence was there, my five senses were not. By midnight I was pouring out my alcoholic drinks and replacing them with cranberry juice. Unfortunately, Hypno caught me and made up for it with two shots, Four Horse Man. Yuck!
And that did for it for me! At least I tried to cut myself off but undeniably all the shots y'all provided hit the right spot and it showed. The first song I ever heard of MJ is Billie Jean, I'm not sure how old I was but it was at a young age. They played this song on my birthday and I danced my feet away, jubilantly my girls where there to join me. Well not all of them, I understand people have other things to tend and care for and its all good in the hood in my book. Much love to all of you. Peace.

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