Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Middle Finger to the World

I found the following umbrella quite interesting. I prefer not using that kind of language but I have. What better way of telling the whole world to ____ off without verbally saying it? This is just one of the many things invented my human beings to get a point accross. Maybe they were just too tired of saying it? Maybe they were just bored out their mind and they came up with this? Or maybe they prefer the silence and they let their actions speak for theirselfs? Whatever the reason, I still find this umbrella amusing. Oh, and I'm loving the weather. . .more rain please.
I'm also happy to announce that my beloved friend Gloria has returned from Iraq. After being away for more than a year, my dearest one is back in American soil. I can't wait till' you get back to Houston! Or perhaps I can't wait and I'll go up to New York to visit :) Love you my precious soldier.

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