Friday, October 9, 2009


Its finally friday. Or how ever you say it TGIF. For the non-religious people it stands for "Thank Goodness Its Friday" for the believers such as I it means, "Thank God Its Friday." Im just glad its Friday period. This week was one of the longest weeks of the entire year. I'm not even sure why! It was the same routine as the previous week. Maybe it was my Anatomy test? Those tests are brain cell murderers! Sigh. Or maybe it's the fact I didn't win NFL squares? Because last week the Accounting department, a long with me, won all together. Perhaps the rain had something to do with it? There was alot more rain last week. It's very soothing, the pounding rain on the windows, the smell of it as it conquers the heat on the pavement, just knowing the earth is getting something in return, hmmm . . .all of that affected my week. Small things count. As for my weekend plans, today I will order pizza and stay in with Damian. Saturday night, is my friend Lily's birthday dinner. I'm looking foward to it. Lily is very lovable in her own deferential ways. And her taste for fancy restauraunts is one of them. Zaza Hotel, Monarch Restaraunt here we come! Happy birthday dear friend! Have a blessed Friday and weekend. Peace.

P.s. Fonso, thank you so much for your friendship, as always, a wonderful considerate human being. Your support is greatly appreciated. Keep smiling :) and I envy you today. You get to sleep, ALL DAY, listening to the harmonic lullaby of the rain. Grrr rrr rr r. Ha.

P.s.s. Make it rain

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Anonymous said...

boberta!!!!! i liked feeding the fishies :)