Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm Not a Rock

I do my best every single day. I go days, weeks without thinking of him, reminding myself, avoiding the pain. I focus on everything else but him. I just don't want to hurt any more. And he doesn't it make it any easier for me. I have to be strong. I AM STRONG. "What he eats doesn't make me shit". I'll act like his not even there. It will be glorious. Of course deep down my insides will be turning and my heart will be racing, trying to rip out my chest but I'm hella of an actor and I can pull this off. He can think whatever he wants, his mind is encountered to do so. And I won't stand in the way to change his mentallity. Two months? Hilarious. Two months to just forget about this? As long as he gets his sleep at night, as long as his "okay" with his self, that's all that matters. His happiness, even if it is else where. With someone else. I won't let myself down again. FOR YOU: You know everything about me. Even the things im not proud of. Thank you for your support. You honestly do keep me together. Im the pieces and your the paste.

"Storms don't last too long". Peace.

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