Thursday, December 10, 2009


My Snow Angel
(Damian running in the back, trying to get in the picture)

The fall semester is finally over, I purchased my new journal last night, I woke up this morning and there was blood on my pillow (the braces cut my cheek), the weather was nice yesterday morning, now it's back to being cold, I'm going out for sushi tonight, my cheek is still bothering me, I was twenty minutes late to work because of my cheek, my little man's christmas bag came out wonderful (lots of glitter), Drea hasn't had her baby and she enjoys texting, Traci and I are friends on Facebook, Hypno and I are friends (such a relieve), we argued about a non-legit bet for an entire day, continued to argue about it the next day, and the next day, my sister surprised me this morning, she woke up extremely early to study, shocked, I can't wait to get off of work, I must admit it feels a little odd not going to school, I really like Rihanna's CD, Cris is ON IT, I got ready for work in 6 minutes, beat my own record of 7 minutes, I hate Wal Mart, and pumping gas. Peace.

P.S. Please let it snow again!

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Anonymous said...

Well coming from someone who put braces on AGAIN, you will get use to it, your mouth will tuffen up, and bleeding will become the past (unless someone pops you in the mouth). O and try not to sing the first couple of weeks because it will cut up your mouth. Carlos