Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Perils Will Surely Come Untill Then I'll be Here

Happy 5th Birthday Damian Alexander
It's like something snapped inside of me today. You wouldn't understand. It's like the rage and everything else that is hurtful in this lifetime is gone. I'm left with serenity and tranquility. And one day when I'm done with school I will be the only thing he will have. The only woman in this world that will love him unconditionally. Then it will be just he and I. And I want that. That's why I push myself. Not so far from today, I will give him a nice home and he won't need anything from anyone. Because he'll have me untill' the man upstairs calls me home that is. Peace.
Unsure of what the balance held
I touched my belly overwhelmed
By what I had been chosen to perform
But then an angel came one day
Told me to kneel down and pray
For unto me a man child would be born
Woe this crazy circumstance
I knew his life deserved a chance
But everybody told me to be smart
Look at your career they said,
"Perla, baby use your head"

But instead I chose to use my heart
Now the joy of my world is in him
How beautiful if nothing more
Than to wait at his door
I've never been in love like this before
Now let me pray to keep you from
The perils that will surely come

See life for you my prince has just begun
And I thank you for choosing me
To come through unto life to be
A beautiful reflection of his grace
See I know that a gift so great
Is only one God could create
And I'm reminded every time I see your face
-Lauryn Hill, Zion


Anonymous said...

umm just surfing the net..and u writting is so beautiful!..i dont know u but had to let you know that!!!....

PQT said...

I just read this Jelly! Thank you so much :)