Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Till' Tomorrow

There is alot going on right now and we're dealing with it the best way we can. Alot of tension around the house, alot fake smiles, false appearances. I guess we have our poker faces on check. We deal with the rest of the world and we welcome everyone with a smile but they never really know what goes on in the inside. What is every single person in this world dwelling over internally? We have to stay positive, only good thoughts and prayers can be the only remedy to get through this. Faith is believing everything will be okay no matter how bad the situation is. It's waking up every morning and just doing what you normally do without  even thinking about it. Hope is that feeling of tomorrow's daylight, seeing those familiar faces, enjoying the small things in life. Love is knowing there's nothing  more important, nothing less nothing more, just plain love. Love from everybody all  the time, love from friends, love from family, loving yourself.

Not even a year has gone by and my father has to go through it again. He has to battle against this sickness and over come it. He believes everything will be okay because his faith keeps him alive. Keeps him from giving up. Keeps him focused. Keeps him from leaving his only grandson behind and being the best father he can possibly ever be. Keeps him from achieving, even if it is just a simple task such as opening a tight jar of jelly or fixing that light bulb that's out of you're reach. Keeps him strong. Keeps him here with us.

To my father for putting up a fight against this tumor. I love you Dad. Peace.


Anonymous said...

I feel you. keep thinking positive, having faith, that's all you can do...that's what God would have you do. either way, your love, his love, will still be there.


PQT said...

You always have the right words Tracy McGrady! I love you. I'm so happy I got to see you this weekend. Hope to see you on Saturday for my sisters birthday. Muaw.