It is

April 07, 2010

You can't always have it all. As much as I would want him around as a friend, the good friends we use to be back in 2006, I can't have it my way. I've never loved another human being this way before and I'm not sure how long it I'll be before I love another man again. After yesterdays conversation with him, I've decided to let it go for good. There was always this thread that made me hold on to him, that kept that hope alive. But that bond is broken and I have to let him go. Even if we've been apart for this past year, I always found a way to keep him around. But I have to draw a line and I have to respect him. I want to be able to call him my friend again in the future. A real friend. With alot of love and appreciation towards you, I'll be seeing you old friend.

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