Friday, April 23, 2010

Whenever You Call

It seems there is no way to prevent it and in a blink of an eye everything you have ever worked for, loved, and spent so much time on can be gone. In the last three weeks two aquantainces have passed away and it just makes me reflect on everything and everyone I truly care for. Although, I don't call, text or stop by to say hello everyday, the few friends that I do have, are imensely the greatest human beings ever. They  have been there for me when I was at my lowest and always manage to understand what I'm going through without even saying one word to me. There prescense is gratyfing enough and I wouldn't have it any other way. Without a doubt, the man upstairs has a special plan layed out for every single one of us. And even at hard times, we can't help to ask why things happen the way they do. But never question God. Things can change in a blink of an eye but no worries, he never blinks. And it's alright to be upset with him, he can handle it. I can't stress this enough, love and live each day as if it really is your last. Always remember things can always be alot worst and when that worst arrives, you won't be around to see it. So just love and keep loving. Live and live some more. Each breath counts just as important as a second does. Peace.

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So very true. Nice.