I'm Not Sure

June 02, 2010

Tomorrow is the big day. Besides myself, two of my co-workers are just as enthusiastic. Here is the deal: 3 months, 3 women, 3 different age groups, 3 new starts, to 3 new terrific lifestyles. For the next 3 months I have to watch what I eat and how much exercise I put in. A little treacherous for the schedule I will be carrying on this entire summer. Summer school is from Monday thru Thursday. Five long hours of pure lecture on the human body. Lovely. I will continue to blog about this at least twice a month. I'm thinking of uploading before and through the progress pictures. Still thinking hard on it. I'm so excited to begin.

I've never been on a diet in my life. Besides being a vegetarian (something I get questioned about on the regular, since when did everybody start playing detective?) I will cut down on the breads, pastas, and hardcore carbs. I will base my diet on smaller portions and the regular veggies and soups. My exercise will consist of running (my yoga besides soccer & writing) I'm thinking 2 miles twice a week, and then the P90X the remainder of the days. Alternate running with my work out videos so it won't feel like a routine. My best friend slash cousin is also starting her own version of the Biggest Loser at her job so from time to time going running with the bestie won't hurt. It will help actually. I love her company, I love everything about her, I'm getting off subject. Any who, the point of doing this is to improve our self-image and inner-health as well, but there's a few Benjamin's being thrown in for motivation. A little money at the end of our trial course for the person who loses the most weight by body percentage. Let the treadmills roll, and the good eating begin! Peace.

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