Friday, July 16, 2010

My First & Last

"Live life without regret"

I finally decided to do it! I have a huge thing for needles, I truly & honestly dislike them! But I had to get over my fear one day or another. Not even the darkest shadows of the night can scare me now! The entire time I imagined my tattooist (Hypno) with supernatural powers. His powers were very similar to Cyclops, Scott from X-Men. That the pain being inflected on my left side were caused by these powerful beams shooting from his eyes. That these optic lasers were the reason for the annoying pain second after second. But the pain wasn't as bad as most people say. It's a descent pain. I just wouldn't put myself through it again! I'm 23, not a teenager, not an adolescent, not the type of person to do something because I'm being pressured. I waited this long for a reason. Most people I know regret their first tattoo. And I didn't want to join those odds. Any whom, I love it! I fell in love with this phrase the first time I read it. "Vivi la vita senza rimpianti". Peace.


TC. said...

<3 it! he did a great job!

PQT said...

I agree! Thank you TC.