Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tomorrow Night

The tears flowed down my face
at a very unsteady pace
I listened to his words
cutting me like a wretched sword
though I love him with all my heart
I question his role in this part
Why make him suffer this much?
If He can't even feel my touch
Were slowly losing you Dad
And only God knows why things work like that
Let my inner light shine so bright
So we can help him win this fight
And with these words out in sight
I lay in bed and pray that he'll be sitting here
next to me tomorrow night.

I can share my words with the world, but the pain I feel is mine and only mine. And that's something that can't be felt by anyone else but yourself. You can sympathize with a person but you'll never feel what they feel. And yes, at times you do wish you can take their pain away, but lets face it, nobody can take that away just like that. The pain might secede but the cause, the root of it all, will always be there to remind you. No matter the circumstances the most you can offer a person is your sincere words and your presence. The subtle presence of a being is one of the most consoling gestures a person can offer. Once again, actions do speak louder than words.

The inner soul of a person is filled with emotions that the human eye can't read. That's the whole point of being human. People in general fight everyday. Some fight for their lives, such as my father. Others struggle with marriage and relationships, but they manage to keep a smile on their faces-a different fight but never less a fight. I slightly derailed off my point of focus, my Trigonometry homework, crap, now I'm tired and I will have to post pone it for tomorrow night. Peace.


Anonymous said...


Carmen Lee said...

Your Right... About No one but yourself being able to feel what you struggle with.

In general all we can do is pray & be their for you.

I wish you enough faith & hope & happiness but most LOVE.

Carmen Lee <3

PQT said...

Thank you for your kind words once again Carmen :D