Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yes Cristal Yes

Didn't he tell you the truth...
If not, then why don't you ask him?
And maybe you could be more into him
Instead of worrying 'bout me

And hopefully, you won't find
All of the reasons why
His love didn't count
And why we couldn't work it out

So many reasons why our love is through yeah
What makes you think he'll be good to you?
No it makes no sense 'cause he will never change

He wasn't  man enough for me...♥
Thank you for reading my blog. B'cus I know you do. Peace


Anonymous said...

Eeeks.. Cdiaz

Carmen Lee said...

You once said that the beauty of this blog is not mentioning any names, Which I agree.

I love this one!! I don't know the details about what happened but I feel the intensity.

You Go Girl!!

Carmen Lee <3

PQT said...