Monday, November 15, 2010


There are different types of bloggers and I know this because I read several blogs here and there, some more than others. Most people think bloggers ram on other people and just come up with silly shit to write about. And that might be partially true. Others specifically create there blogs to share photos with their families or to let their loved ones be a part of their world without actually being in the same city. Then there’s bloggers that concentrate on one thing and one thing only, such as fashion, tattoos, sneakers, music, photographs, jewelry, cooking, quotes... etc. And that’s what their entire blog is about. Diversity. I follow several blogs because there all unique in their own way, they have shit to offer that I sometimes wouldn't dare or dream of doing or saying. The most important concept about my blog is my originality. If something I read or see captivates or takes me back to an event in my life, 99% of the time I'll post it. Sometimes it doesn't have a rats ass to do with me but it still catches my attention. And to me that's worth posting. Another prospect I decided and have sticked too is keeping several names anonymous. The only names I post on here are my family members and close friends. And they don't seem to have a problem with it. In fact, on the contrary, they love my blog. . . and their moral support is sufficient. If you don't like my blog then tough nugget because I honestly don’t give a fuck. What I chose to share on MY BLOG, keyword, 'MY' blog is entirely up to me. And many bloggers, that don’t mind showing that other side, that side only certain people in their lives know, will post personal shit. It’s actually quite refreshing to know that these people are also human and also have personal vendetta’s taking place in their present lives and most importantly, that there comfortable enough to share it with the whole world, its quite gratifying. I love to write. And you don’t have to write a book or be published to be a writer. Just start typing. Little will get done if you don’t simply try. Peace.


syntifik said...

well said lady !

PQT said...

Botcho add some of your "botch" spice to this topic. haaaa

Carmen Lee said...

YOU GO Girl!!!! I love your blog!!!

PQT said...


syntifik said...

you're being respectful by not stating names!
if anyone ever has a problem with your blog, that's their own shame. it's not like you're saying it who it is, they're just offended because they know they're the ones that fucked up.
words can do damage, but they shouldn't have given you something to say in the first place if they were afraid you'd write about it.

haters need to step down and step away from their computers.
shut up and let perla go.

PQT said...