Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Defined In & Out

Dictionary definition of Perla: Italian and Spanish name meaning "pearl", The finest quality natural pearls have been highly valued as gemstones and objects of beauty for many centuries, and because of this, the word pearl has become a metaphor for something very rare, fine, admirable, and valuable.

Perla Quintana:
Over analyzes everything, thinks too much for her own good, spends entirely too much time reading, loses hours of sleep to endless thoughts, is a very stubborn being, loves to play soccer but doesn't know shit about teams or the players, she doesn't give a shit about designer clothes or purses, give her a damn wallet & she's content, hates shopping, isn't into the latest trends, sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no make up on, that's when she's the prettiest, hope that you don't take it wrong,  she's a lover and when she falls in love, she loves & falls deeply, she forgives but doesn't forget...ever, has a hard time letting just anyone in but when there in, there in for life, use to let shit slide with people, she was to afraid to hurt there feelings, till' they stepped all over her like a fucken doormat, so now she can careless if their part of her life, loves loves her friends, loves them more than her vegies, dammmm, proud vegetarian, she thinks all baby animals are cute, don't discriminate, peace & love 24/7, 365, sometimes 366, loves to go running, for no apparent reason, maybe it's the wind in her face, or the solid ground below, who knows, values time to the fullest, loves everything that Kanye West has put out there (everything), hoodies and headbands, isn't afraid to try new things, her downfall is food & more good food, when she's down & out, she's fucken down, so it's best not to mess with her, Cancer, she comes out of her shell here & there, has a loving heart, her heart has been crushed and broken, but never shattered, time heals the deepest cuts, the scars are a reminder of what she must never go back to, she's afraid to fall in love once again, so she prefers to be single, it's better to be alone, nobody can hurt her, her passion for writing & art keeps her from going insane, musique awakens her soul, and can vary from day to day, depending on her emotions & mood, she will never judge a person by there looks, alike a pearl, beauty is made within & hard to find, you can be the most beautiful person on earth but if the beauty & purity in your inner soul isn't present, then to her, your the most hideous person to walk on this earth, riches & money can't buy happiness, objects are things that can be replaced, people in general are not, there fragile, and once there broken, nothing in the world can be purchased to repair them, except for love, and love has no commas or dollar signs, its pure, or at least it should be, you can have all the money in the world and different warmth every night and at the end of the day, your still the same miserable lonely asshole that woke up that morning, respect others, respect yourself, she believes in God and God only, she procrastinates here & there, her heroes, Moms & Pops, her motivation, her son, her backbone and personal therapist, Cris, her only and beloved opposite, Sister, her rock & inspiration, Homer, her noob & kindest being, Che. This is P.Q. defined. Inspired by Botch. Peace.


Unknown said...

Perla this is some good writing I got teary along the way but u also put a smile...im here like an idiot at work reading ur blog....which by the way i absolutely love...take care Perlita ur a great person and very very strong cmo t dije u can practilly do it all :) ...cuidate!!

PQT said...

Thank you Mary! Blessings