Monday, November 29, 2010

Ridda Die Honeys

Because only you can feel it
nobody else but you
Few friends around but never less
fucken true
My ridda die honeys
that work hard for that money
Earned a special place in my heart
so I beg y'all darlings
don't y'all ever part
And it all went down so drastically
messy messy messy
Kim K status typically
Know alot but don't say alot
Walk around like there aint nothing wrong
deep down its fucking killing me
Softly so softly
Lauryn Hill status, mentally
My girl V does this from time to time. She shoots me a text message w/her lyrically acclaimed words. I shoot her one back a couple minutes laters. I'm going through my journal & this one of my entries. She's a free styler type of gal, I have to have my pen & paper handy. Waiting on the next one V! Peace.


Anonymous said...

О! Ziemlich schöne Post. Ich stolperte über einen Blog und wollte sagen, dass ich wirklich genossen Surfen Ihre Blog-Posts. Auf jeden Fall werde ich zu Ihrem Feed abonnieren sein und ich hoffe, Sie bald wieder zu schreiben!

PQT said...

Oh thank you so much! I wish I knew how to speak German! :/ Anyhow, thank you thank you! :D