Thursday, December 16, 2010

50 Years

As corny as this sounds, the magnitude of love took over our living room last night. On the 12th of December, it marked my grandparents 50th anniversary. Unfortunately they're not in the country so we couldn't celebrate with them. My aunt, which will be heading their way on Friday, planned a tiny celebration for them. She baked them a cake, purchased two candles, a 5 and a 0, a handful of helium balloons that read, "Happy 50th Anniversary, Congratulations, I love you, XOXO, (in Spanish of course) and she gathered all her siblings at my mothers house. And the most important concept, each one of them had to stand in front of the cam recorder and expressed a few words towards them. At the end of each personal speech they would jump up and down and clap as if there favorite artist was on stage. I was in charge of holding the cam recorder. I volunteered! My mother told me earlier that day that I had to say a few words too. I told her I would but the entire time I had a master mind plan of my own. I would hide behind the camera, simple as that. BUT from one second to another my aunt grabbed the cam recorder and shoved me in front of it. I froze. Then I remembered I had the tiny note in my back pocket. I took it out, unfolded it, you could hear the frantic sound of my nerves, down to the very core of my vocals. And I jittered the following words:

Felicidades abuelos, que dios los bendiga con muchos mas aƱos. Ojala un dia, en mi futuro provisado, sea concendida con una persona que me va amar como ustedes sean amado. Besos y abrazos. Perla.

Congratulations abuelos, may God bless you with many more years, I hope one day, in my foresighted future, that I'm granted with a person that will love me as much as both of you have loved one another. Hugs & kisses. Perla.

And then the crowd went wild. I won't sit here and count my blessings because that just wouldn't be fair. In 50 years things will come and go but its obvious the love they have for one another remained. Flaws and all,  I hope one day my children get together and put something this effortless, something that will probably mean the galactic universe to me. Peace.

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