Thursday, December 2, 2010

Decisions Decisions

You want my perspective on this? Here it goes darling

Let’s rewind this tape of yours. You’ve spent over a decade trying to fix a broken marriage. Like I told you before, when something is broken all that’s left is the rubble. And guess what? You keep adding bullshit to that wreckage. It’s just a big pile of shit. And it took you all these years to finally realize that you had to stop trying. You have to put yourself before him. Something a lot of women tend to forget about. Their very own happiness. I admire you for being with him for so long because you were there for one particular reason, the most important reason at that–your children. And now that you dealt with that rubbish, you’ve moved on to someone that deserves you. Problem? He has baggage of his own. Don’t we all?

Of course she’s not going to let him go that easily. Anything that has worth is worth fighting for till the end. I hope you find that courage inside of you, the same courage that made you leave, but perhaps a stronger dose. Courage that will make you stay & fight. From what you told me, the feelings you have for this man are mind staggering. GRAND. So take out your boxing gloves and get in the ring once again. I bet this will be one hell of a fight. But this time you won’t be fighting within yourself. Trust yourself on making the right move. I’ll be on the side of the ring cheering you on. Always. Peace.

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