Friday, December 31, 2010

My Last Post for 2010

Happy New Years!!!!

Why not huh? I have a glass of wine at arm's reach & a bag of toasted almonds next to that. I'm at home with the most important people of my life (even if we do drive each other crazy) my family and I wouldn't want it any other way. And the one's whom aren't  here in this house, are always in my heart, so you all are here too.

Now don't worry about anyone or anything. Hope for tomorrow and pray for the next day after that. Love each morning and cherish every breath you take. Forgive those who are at fault and allow yourself to learn from them. Allow yourself to grow. If they aren't part of the end of this year, don't patronize yourself over it, they didn't make it to the new year for a good reason. The trace you leave in a persons life, make up the stone steps they have climb each day. At some point in their lives you made a great difference, even if it was in the smallest way and as unfortunate as it is, some people are placed in your path for that specific reason. Because the smallest things sometimes matter the most. Spread love not hate. And always put your happiness before anybody elses. If you are not happy with yourself, how do you expect to make anyone else happy? With that said, bring in a new year with a different mind set, but with the same heart. Peace.

Also my braces are off but I still have one more session before there completely done. Either way, I'm just happy there fucken off. NO MORE BRACE FACE.


Anonymous said...

Hello :)

What is your best Natalie Portman movie??
mine is Garden State as well as Anywhere but here

PQT said...

Sorry for the late reply. Two years later. -__-

I would say The Professional. She was so young but yet so good at it already.