Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do You??

Do you ever think, I mean really think about it? Do you ever settle? And I don’t mean settle for less. I mean settle in a state of peacefulness. A place all of your own. Do you ever find that peace inside of you? Do you consume every bit of it? Either being a person or a place or an object. Do you truly enjoy it? Do you? Peace.


. said...

Oh yeahh. I moved out when i was 16 , due to that barrier feeling between me and the people in that house. I couldnt call it home. By barrier, i meant thought,expression, all who iam. Shitty part is the acceptance and understanding werent even in existance. I love love this post. one's self freedom is another way of attaining that peace. lol icould go on. i shouold just write it on my blog sometimes. imma even repost this entry and dont worry i will give you the credit youdeserve. Thankyou for writing that, thats what i needed to see atm. marie.

PQT said...

Keep moving forward Snookzz. Live life, like it! I tried to open your blog up but I see it's personal. And I completely understand. The world isn't ready for your writing quite yet. Enjoy! :p