Thursday, January 27, 2011

He's Growing Right Before My Eyes

I wish you would stay Five Years old forever.
Be careful what you wish for Perla. Blahh.
I went to Old Navy today, hurried to right side of the store like I usually do. (I was on my lunch break) I wasn't sure what I was looking for but something would eventually catch my eye. Tomorrow is his big day. He's turning SIX and that means I won't get to see his five tiny fingers waving in the air when he's asked his age. So when I go home tonight I'll ask him once again, just so I can see them for the last time. I found a nice shirt for him, the fabric was soft and the colors were perfect but there was a huge problem! The checkered shirt only went up to a size 5T. 5T!!!!!!!!! I cringed. And then I just stood there for a few minutes, holding the shirt, completely blank. I put it back on the shelf and slowly turned around. It seems he's no longer a toddler. He's now a child. And soon he will be a young adult. And so forth. . .

Today was a rough day. And tomorrow will be a little harder I'm sure. Peace.


Carmen Lee said...

Aww Perla, I can't wait to get feeling like that!!!! The love I see for your now child, is so amazing!!! You make mothers look good. TeeHee!! I hope Damian and you have a good day and enjoy it!!!!

Carmen Lee

PQT said...

Thank you Carmen :D