Friday, January 14, 2011

Just Throw It Out There

"Take your chances, the worst thing that can happen is failure. But you can only fail so many times before you succeed. Push it to the limit."

I submitted the following paragraph to an invention company. And I'm putting it up on my blog for copyright issues. Even if I don't have a patent, I have my blog. I figured its the only thing I have that contributes to me, to my very own crazy ideas. Ha.

"I'm taking my chances on this one. I don't have the engineering skills to develop it or the money to contribute for a patent or very less the technology. I was sitting here in my desk and I kept stapleing packages, about 20 packages had gone by till' I realized I wasn't stapleing anything. And then I was completely pissed off that I had went through all those packages without realizing it. So why not invent a stapler that notifies you that your close to zero staples. That way you can re-load it and prevent this from happening. Perhaps a blinking red light can signify that your very close to being on empty. Just an idea right. There is no staplers out in the market like this. So I took my chances. Thank you for reading this. Perla Quintana."


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