Monday, January 3, 2011


She came to me this morning and she told me that her heart was broken. She said, karma finally took a toll down her lane. I couldn't offer her anything more but my words. I told her that he didn't make it in to her new year for a good reason and that if he loved her he would eventually look for her. I told her not to be foolish, to stand her ground and let him come back to her. IF ITS MEANT TO BE IT WILL ALWAYS FIND ITS WAY BACK. Out of everything I said, all I got from her was, I sure did look good on New Years though, I laughed hard and told her, I would of hit it. She laughed histerically. She thanked me and ended it with, a fuck him perla. We both laughed. She asked me how my father was doing and  told her that he was having surgery once more. She stayed quiet and replied, damn I'm sitting here crying about this piece of shit man, and your over there dealing with that. I'm so selfish perla. I looked down and fiddled my thumbs and responded, well, a problem is a problem, big or small, it's a damm problem. Difference is the magnitude  it has on a person, a heartbreak is still felt in the same place I feel for my fathers illness. Your heart, my hear, regardless we each feel it.. We both suffer. Shit even being human is hard. She stared at me and then hugged me and said damm I miss our talks. And we both felt a little better after that. Awww friends. Peace.