Monday, February 21, 2011

Beginning to End

In my insanity I picked up my acrylics and paint brushes and just started painting on my wall. Although our lives are already dictated by a higher power, you still have to write your own story. You're also the editor and illustrator. You decide what pages to publish, and which to crumble. You go from chapter to chapter with out choice because life doesn't come to a halt for anyone. And alike the beginning, the in between is very important. Each word is like a movement, it defines you. Your actions are yours and yours only. Every single paragraph is a part of you which entirely makes the body, your body, yourself. And each page numbers up as the days, weeks, months, and years go by, very much like your age. And the ending. . . well they say the ending is the most important part. Or is it? Just like our lives, when a writer writes and they come to the end of their story, they simply stop writing. But is it really the end? Most of the time it ends the way the writer wants it to end, but it's never truly the end. The writer can always pick up his pen and start off from where he stopped. And the majority of the time they do so. Our lives end when we allow them to end or untill' God decides otherwise, that's the true ending. So if at one point in your life you feel like stopping, quitting, or giving up, its okay to put your pen down, get yourself together. And when your ready to start writing again, resume, accept, and continue to live. Keep moving forward. Don't let anyone else write it for you. Write your own story. Peace.


TC. said...

P, you got skills!!! Looks fabulous doll..when I get my house you gonna have to hook it up for me! :-)

PQT said...

No charge! :) I'd be honored to paint some type of mural in your future house! :))

TC. said...

Mmmkay. I'm looking forward to it. Thx doll.