Monday, February 14, 2011


Sure this day can be enjoyed if you have that special someone next to you. But for many it's a reminder of how lonely they are. The thought of flowers, over stuffed animals (whom most are incredibly wild might I add), the suffocating red and pink colors all over the place are just a few  causes of the acid reflex some people might encounter through out the day. But all sarcasticness aside, it's a day of love. Love is needed just as much as pain is. A chance at falling in love is one the greatest accomplishments anybody can acquire. If you find your soul mate on the first try well . . . fucking great right? But we all know that rarely happens. Your heart gets broken a few times, and sometimes you just feel like giving up. That perhaps real love doesn't exist or that it will never happen to you. But as long as you stay open minded, as long as you give your heart a chance, the possibilities are endless. Guard your heart but don't harden it. Never harden. Look who's typing? I've been alone for this long but like I told my friend yesterday, "It's my choice to be alone." You always have a choice. Never settle. The pilgrims took care of that loooong ago. Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers & single folks out there like myself. Make the best out of it. Peace 

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