Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flaw # 326,597

Am I the only one that does this when their out grocery shopping? I count every single item in my cart before checking out. And if it’s more than 20 you’ll never catch me in the express lane. So don’t you dare give me that stink face when I have 19 items & in your head you’re assuming and calling me the worst of the worst. I’m a thoughtful civilian. Any whom, then as I place my items on the moving counter I add up the cost. Yes for every single thing! Then if I’m off my calculation by more than $2.00 I freaking lose it. Well in my mind of course, no one around me knows that I let myself down or that I'm adding shit up. Then I try to re-add the whole thing and try to see where I estimated wrong. And I usually get it right the second time I do it but I still feel like I didn’t meet my potential. I don’t know, it’s just something I can't break habit out of doing. Yeah . . . yeah . . . yeahs. I have serious issues I know. O’ Well. Peace.


Carmen Lee said...

Lol oh my gosh, I do count my groceries and I never go in the express lane unless I can. But those checkers are not suppose to be mad at you even if you have 50 items in your cart. I use to work for HEB as a second job, and that was one of the first questions they ask in the interview... If a customer goes through your express lane and has more than 20 items will you turn them down.. lol

I hate when the cashiers do that. lol

PQT said...

I'm glad I'm not the only crazy one out there. I mean that in the best way possible Carmen. lol :)