Thursday, February 3, 2011

Open Up Your Eyes

I’m willing to take a chance with you. A chance is better than no chance at all right? If I give you a part of me, a piece of me, will it fit perfectly within your forlorn puzzle? Or will you try to force it into something it’s not? Will you be sincere with me? Or will you whisper words that I need to hear but deep down you know it's not the real deal?

I don’t want to wait for your call or your text, wait all night long, and then realize it’s another morning, another day, and still your absence prolongs.

I don’t want to ask you the same question in a million different ways and still get the same answer.

I don’t want to look into your eyes and get that gut feeling of betrayal.

I don’t want to love you to a point of selfishness.

I don’t want to give you that part of me that you’ll eventually take for granted as the days, weeks, months, and years progress.

I just want one thing from you.

Simple yet so complex.

I just want the real. . . . . YOU.

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