Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paint Your Way Into My Heart

Here are some pictures from Damian's birthday party.
Thank you Hyp & Cris for taking them.

Birthday Boy

 Paint for the kiddos

 His Best Friends

Smile Honey

I love you Mom!

"Hurry up Mom"

Cris & Dre

Thank You 3 Brother's Bakery

"Are you kissing her?" "Nah, I licked her." Typical Me haaa

Two of my favorite people in the whoooole world

Thanks for the kicks Hyp & Cris

Vivi & Demarco "I mean Dominic" :)

Chit & Dre

Damian's Dino with a little help from me :D

 The Getty's, Lilly where you at?

The Torres slash Estrada Family ♥

Family & Friends: Thank you for making it out to his birthday party. Thank you for all the gifts but your presence there was the best present you could have given both of us. As soon as we got home from the painting place he laid his little head down. He didn’t even want to open his gifts. And then an hour later, he started puking all over the place. This was on Sunday & he is still at home sick. I hate seeing him so down. It breaks my heart into a thousand pieces. I feel so damn helpless. Someone please invent a way to pass on a child’s sickness onto their parent with a simple clap or tap. I would do that & much more just to see him smile. I wish I could take his pain away completely. Get better Alex. Once again, a million thank you’s!!!! Peace

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