Final Four NCAA

March 23, 2011

As many of you know, the Final Four NCAA will be held here in Houston, TX this year. I usually volunteer for smaller events but I said what the hell Perla! Last night I attended the volunteer orientation that is pretty much mandatory and we got hooked up! Most volunteer places just hand you a cotton tee (nothing wrong with that by the way) with some type of logo but the NCAA has bigger plans (and I'm sure they don't want us looking all ragedy) so there dressing policy is very strict & professional. They provided a Nike polo golf shirt and different caps that have to be worn at ALL times! Which vary from event by the way. So I ended up with two! Khaki shorts or pants are a MUST. And smiles from ear to ear are expected! And in case you didn't know, Kings of Leon will be having a FREE concert at the Discovery Green Park on Saturday the 2nd so check your calendars people. I'll be helping out with the Final Four Dribble event on Sunday the 3rd and setting up sponsor tables on the day of the final, that Monday at the Reliant. I'm fucken stoked! Peace.

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