Friday, March 11, 2011

Her 22nd Birthday

After all you're my only sister, and without all of the squabbles and making-up constantly, the cursing here and there, our out of no-where screaming plays, Miss "You had to much to drink.", Miss "You're tripping I'm good.", endless pillow talk, phone calls at all times of the night, being your shoulder and your armor, continuous "How does this look on me?" "How about these shoes?", your nail polish fetish, your annoying hairballs tumbling on the floor, our random noise making skills, without all of this our vigorous relationship couldn't be possible. Thank you for twenty two years of pissing me off & then right away turning this frown into a smile. I wouldn't have it any othe way. Piece of cake, piece of pie. Happy 22nd birthday Sister! Te adoro. Now party & bullshit tonight. Peace.

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