Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Musiq Now Days

My tiny musician will learn and listen to REAL music. Not the bullshit they play on the radio. I made him watch "This Is It". The documentary on Michael Jackson's final tour performance. He was entirely into it. He would get up here and there and attempt a few moves. He even put on his socks just to attempt to smooth out his moon walk. Then he would sit back down and listen to the songs. He asked me, "Is this the real Michael Jackson?" "Certainly boy, why wouldn't he be the real one?" "I thought Michael was black!" I have no legitimate idea of where he fished this question out from. As we watched the film, his uncle called  and asked him if he had ate dinner etc. He answered him and then he told him he had a gift for him. A "toy" to be exact. He stared out the window for the next 45 minutes till' he got home. And in his arms he was holding the keyboard on the picture above. The Blue Man Group keyboard. The coincidence of making him sit down and watch MJ and a musical instrument given to him on the same day is pretty gnarly. He sat down and played his keyboard for about an hour, then he put it up in the closet. "It's going in the closet Mom. If the other kids get a hold of this and mess it up, I'm gonna be real mad." I just smiled at him. He really wants to learn how to play it. So I went out of my way and searched on-line and found several beginner music sheets. And I'm more than anxious to get home and show him how to play a few songs. I use to play the clarinet and the trumpet, so reading music isn't too hard for me. Hopefully he catches on quickly so I can share a video of him doing his thaaang on here! Fingers crossed!

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