Monday, March 14, 2011

My Weekend

Friday the 11th
Should have been Friday the 13th. I had the worst luck! My sister was celebrating her 22nd birthday at a near by club and on the way up there I got a damn flat. My first flat and on that day! I spent a fucking hour on the side of the freeway! It's nice to know there is still gentlemen out there. Like the one that went out of his way to help us out. I didn't even get his name. I ended up leaving my jeep in front of an insurance place. Luckily my sisters' friends were driving by and gave us a ride to the club. I was so fucking close to calling it a night and just heading back home. But my mother insisted non-stop that it was my sisters birthday and blah blah blah. Sorry set up. At least I made it right?

Saturday the 12th
I woke up ready to seek out my jeep and fix the whole flat tire issue. Praying that my damn jeep was still in one piece without anything broken. Unluckily my mother wasn't home and by the time she got home it was already 11am. And I had so much shit to do during the day. Fucking hectic! By the time we got to my jeep, removed the tire, took it to Discount Tire, payed $18.00 bucks for it (only good shit out of all of this), drove back to my jeep and locked it in place, it was past 1pm. So I missed my friends baby shower and I wasted a perfect good morning, then I had to deal with this. Nearly broke my heart! Damian wearing all these beads around his neck! I can't put it into place in my mind the night he comes home, in his grown up years, with all these beads hanging around his neck! It just drowned me slowly! I tried and tried to remove the beads but he loves them so much, that he fell asleep wearing them. I stayed home Saturday night and watched re-runs of The Office.

Sunday the 13th
Sunday morning came around and I woke up to dangling beads. I really really dislike them! But he won't take them off! I dropped him off at his grandparents house early in the morning and went back to bed. After a cat nap, I turned on the TV and watched re-runs of the Nascar highlights. Then I fell asleep again! And that's how my Sunday went. Plenty of sleep and music. And then more and  more music. Flipping and clicking and removing CD's from my CD player. This went on and on till' I played what I had in the house. The rest are in my jeep and I was too damn lazy to get up and go fetch them. Then I did a little reading late at night. Oh not to mention how many freaking bowls of pozole I devoured. It's just not normal for a girl my size! But if you've ever had my mothers pozole, you would understand.


Patty said...

You mom sure does make the best pozole ever Pearl!!! I love your mom's cooking <3
--Your madrina

PQT said...

I knew there was something totally off about that day. I usually invite you over when my mother cooks pozole or mole. :(

Love you Godmother.