Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Plain Wrong. . . Right?

"I’m in love with you, but the vibe is wrong and that haunted me all the way home."

Something as small as a grain of sand can easily blow up in your face. And it has. All of this could of easily been avoided, if only I would of stayed away from your web. I wouldn't be so tangled up in this misery I have put myself in. I have no one else to blame but myself. MY CHOICE. But I couldn't see what was infront of me. I couldn't see the pattern of your web. And harmelssly I let myself be wrapped up with you and all your non sense. I flew right into your trap and now I'm stuck here, hollering for help. But they've heard it all before and this broken track has reached its limit. How distinctive your embrace is, spun with your touch from head to toe, and left there until you're hungry for more. But who really is the victim here? The spider or his catch? And it's not fair to her so it's better for you to let me go. So find yourself another catch, another late night snack, late night hype.  And for your best friends,  before you sit there and point fingers, please ask somebody to read you the story. The whole story. Every book has a climax. And we have reached ours old friend. Peace.

"I would rather risk my heart with the possibility of pain, than to never feel love again. To live without love is merely existing. There is no greater pain than that."


Unknown said...

very well written. <3

PQT said...

Thank you <333