Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 1

Twenty Facts

1. I love to blog. That's a given right?
2. The only man that will ever have my heart completely is only six years old at the time.
3. I only drink tea (any kind of tea) and water.
4. I love the smell of a brand new box of crayons.
5. I can fall asleep whenever I want, anywhere I want.
6. Kanye West is my favorite artist in the entire cosmetic universe.
7. I can't get enough of Hot Funyun's.
8. I love running.
9. Writing is my secret not so secret passion.
10. My parents are both my hero's.
11. I love to draw, paint, and color.
12. I use the word SHIT excessively.
13. I have a thing for headband's, all types and sizes.
14. I've never cheated on a guy. Ever.
15. When I fall in love, I fall deep in love. Stupidly in love.
16. I'm a pescetarian vegetarian.
17. Soccer is my yoga
18. I have a nail polish fetish.
19. I'm a complete neat freak.
20. I ALWAYS have a smile on my face, regardless of what I'm feeling within.