Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 10

Person you are the closest to

It's this sexy woman to the left.
Our relationship is completely bizarre and we’re pretty eccentric ourselves. We open up our phone calls with a common routine of “Hey girl, hey girl” and continue on with it till it wears off. Then we just start blabbering away. I can’t even recollect the reason why we started this non-sense but that’s very habitual of us. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. Besides being one of my closest friends she’s also my dearest cousin. So our stream of friendship runs blood deep. We’ve had our disagreements over the past years but nothing to vital. And she’s very much my partner in crime. Not in a badly behaved way but if I’m longing for a margarita on a Monday night, I know I can contact her and she’ll be there in a flash. We always and I mean always have a bash when we’re together. And it’s not merely the same when one of us isn’t there. If you've been around us you know how ridiculous we are together. We could be sitting in my Jeep or sitting in her bedroom and we find some strange way to amuse ourselves. She’s the B' to my EST. Simply the best of friends.

April Fool's Joke
Perla: I'm not proud of what I did last nite.
Cris: I'm so upset with you,
I don't want to speak to you anymore.

Perla: But why!!?
(no text from her)
Perla: Fine, since you're not speaking to me
I'm going to run accross the freeway. Bye.
Cris: April Foools! lol
Perla: April Fooools! lol . . .Whew!

We tried to fool one another at the same time. Complete fail.

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