Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 13

Favorite band or artist

Mr. West is in the building! Swagger on a hundred thousand trillion! To say I love him is completely over rated, it's more of an infatuation with his music and his prospective as an artist. Because lets face it Kanye's persona isn't as lovable as others would like it to be. But I'll take it. If the shitty personality is part of the Ye package, well hell, I'll take a million Ye's any day. Not long ago, I was standing in line for a very exclusive concert that was being held in Austin, Texas, nobody was certain how they could get in but that didn't stop them from waiting in line. We were walking around the venue where Kanye was going to perform and some girl stopped me and asked me if I knew anything on the green light to get in. I told her what I knew and I pointed to the end of the line and she tells me, " I don't know what is the deal with you and everybody else. Waiting in line for some arrogant son of a bitch that can't handle his liquor. Fucken ridiculous." I just laughed at her. At that moment I recalled losing my mind under the influence several times. Guess Ye reminds me a little of myself to a certain extent. No point on blowing steam over comments as such. Everyone is encountered to there own opinion. But if I would have been under the influence that night, at that moment, I would have been the arrogant son of a bitch that couldn't handle her liquor. She got lucky. Peace.

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