Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 8

A picture that makes me laugh

I have the habit of getting piss drunk for my birthday. As much as I fight it, my friends won't take NO for an answer. Every single shot or drink they purchase, has to be some how consumed by this 122 pound woman. It's ridiculous honestly!! (But entertaining at the same time, oh so they say). Since my 21st birthday, I've been completely out of it every 3rd of July. And for some strange reason, I just can't get enough of Dre. I man handle her, force her to dance, drag her around the room, squeeze the living breath out of her, harass her, kiss her randomly and it's no one else BUT her. So every time I look at this picture, which I don't remember taking of course, it just cracks me up. Poor Dre Day, I'll love you till' the end of time. Peace.

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