April 14, 2011

The notion alone of typing this post disheartens me deeply. I’ve been at my present job for over two years already. I would have hit my three year mark in July but things don’t always carry on as planned. The affection I have for Miss G and Miss Bev is majestic. And I’m going to miss them dearly. They’ve gave me so much guidance, they were my very own personal counselors. But I walked in this morning with my mind made up and I put in my two week notice. You see, the thing is, I can only put up with so much but when a person pushes and continues to ram you for no particular reason I’m bound to thrust back. And my mother always told me to press on but how much pressing can I do? Especially if you’re the boss’s son, his ass will never get the boot. No matter how offensive and discourteous he can be. I have other options, other jobs lined up that are willing to pay me way more and yet I hesitated for this long. Well, I will no longer frown up on this bullshit and I will shuffle my happy ass to a different environment. I was so at ease here, so mellowed out; the thought of starting all over elsewhere bamboozled the hell out of me. My last day will be April 29th and leaving my everyday surroundings, my beloved co-workers is obviously a dust biter. Wail. Peace.

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