Thursday, April 14, 2011


The notion alone of typing this post disheartens me deeply. I’ve been at my present job for over two years already. I would have hit my three year mark in July but things don’t always carry on as planned. The affection I have for Miss G and Miss Bev is majestic. And I’m going to miss them dearly. They’ve gave me so much guidance, they were my very own personal counselors. But I walked in this morning with my mind made up and I put in my two week notice. You see, the thing is, I can only put up with so much but when a person pushes and continues to ram you for no particular reason I’m bound to thrust back. And my mother always told me to press on but how much pressing can I do? Especially if you’re the boss’s son, his ass will never get the boot. No matter how offensive and discourteous he can be. I have other options, other jobs lined up that are willing to pay me way more and yet I hesitated for this long. Well, I will no longer frown up on this bullshit and I will shuffle my happy ass to a different environment. I was so at ease here, so mellowed out; the thought of starting all over elsewhere bamboozled the hell out of me. My last day will be April 29th and leaving my everyday surroundings, my beloved co-workers is obviously a dust biter. Wail. Peace.


Carmen Lee said...

Oh em gee Perla, you see you could have already worked with me, when I offered you the Job lol!!! There is an opening let me know.. no obligation though

PQT said...

I know! But it's so far away from my house. Perhaps if it was a tat bit closer, I would have applied long ago :-/

Carmen Lee said...

I know :/ I live by 290 so i know what you mean!!

Okay well good luck with finding a job!

I need your help, how do u create your own picture headline like that? on your blog

PQT said...

It has to do with your background. I just find a picture with a white filling, that way it won't clash with my background. And just upload it on your header. And you can either post your blog name on top of it or decide not to show it at all. It's a huge headache.