Tuesday, April 12, 2011


There are several aspects to the word forgiveness and it varies from individual to individual. How acute or critical the problem is another facet. The word ‘forgive’ is simply a less complex way of saying:

“Okay, you messed up and I’m giving you another chance.” (Perhaps it was a drunken mistake and you feel it was insignificant.)

 “Let’s just let this go. No hard feelings, no remorse. I just don’t want to acknowledge you the next time I see you. Capish?” (I dislike you very much for what you did, stay the eff away.)

“The pain you have brought to my heart is unbearable but in time my heart will heal.” (Making the best out of the most crucial situations and using time as your healer.)

“It was a dim-witted mistake, a huge misunderstanding.” (And sometimes it is).

And sometimes forgiving is the only remedy to bettering yourself. It means being able to look past the wounding moments and accepting them. Not for the benefit of others, but for your very own advantage. When you are able to look a person in the face, be in the same ambiance, and not feel one glitch of penitence towards them, you’ve already won. You’ve reconciled with yourself. It has zip zero, nada to do with them. But being used and misused is intolerable. The vast majority of situations I have dealt with usually end with “Capish?” Over the years, I let a lot of things slither by and eventually you have to cut the grass and let the snakes out. Killing them would be to ghastly so make sure you maintain and continue nurturing that grass of yours. Snakes camouflage, oh so well, but they're not invisible to the human eye. Peace.


Carmen Lee said...

I need some freaking glasses to get rid of the snakes in my life!
Do you have any lol?

PQT said...

I will let you borrow mine! Ha-Ha

Carmen Lee said...

Hey Perla,

I just noticed on your April Birthdays you don't have SELENA!!! She was born on the 16th of April, I'm not sure if your a fan of hers! :)

PQT said...

I am a fan of her's but she didn't come to mind! :-/

Unknown said...

Totally love this !!!! and it's oh soo true !

PQT said...

Thank you Carol. You can reblog it if you like! I don't mind :-)
Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Haha wierdo.. Cd

PQT said...

Cris, I'll cut you the next time weirdo comes out of that mouth. Lol or typed by those fingers. :p