Monday, April 4, 2011

Taking The Challenge

I've said it before and I never carried on with it. But since my girls and I are planning to go to Cancun this summer. I've decided to put all my effort into  this exercise program. Yes the P90X! The word extreme doesn't even emphasize this program. My cousin let me borrow it a while back but I was doing the exercises in random order. Well we ended up getting the complete program and there is three different routines a person can attempt. I'm starting off with the lean version, which most women prefer because it's more cardio. And I prefer cardio over lifting weights any day. I've also decided to stay away from networking. Facebook and Twitter included. I'll be blogging here and there. I just need some time to get myself together. So I'm stepping away from the laptop and the keyboard for a bit. I'm not going to school this semester, so I have the time to do so. I just need to get off my ass and commit to it. I should be done 90 days from now, which fall on my 24th birthday. Time to do me, time to get my sexy on! Peace.