My Heart

May 26, 2011

It just hit me like a meteorite landing on Earth
the impact so immense, so out of sight
I'm scared shit less to fall in love
My sister mentioned a nice lookin fella
A recent firefighter graduate that wants to take me out on a date
A fucking date!??
She mentioned my six year old
Which usually scares them away
And he replied with five simple yet hearting words
And for the first time in several years,
the knot in my throat began to form.
I haven't been part of the dating scene in over seven hundred and thirty days
I thought I needed a love capsule.
A doze of encouragement mixed with some "they are NOT all the same"
 I may be scared but I feel ready.
I don't feel like wearing my heart on my sleeve anymore.
I'm putting my heart back together, piece by piece
And I'm going to allow another person of the opposite gender
to fill it with passion and respect.
With sweet words
And kind embraces
A touch that I'll later dream about
His scent which I'll bring home with me
and won't want to wash to away
I'm saying this now
But at the given time
I hope I can make a move
The right decision


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