Cause I Rage

September 27, 2011

I don't disagree with God's will so why even try
I take it all in no questions asked
Never less half of the truth is still a lie
Their mischiefs stack up sky high
They stare you in the face with such truthful eyes
As soon as you turn your back it all fades to black
It matches the color of their soul and their heart
At times you don't know what to say
So all you do is pray
And it's encouraged to do so
Or else you'd lose yourself along the way
What an easy prey you are to them
The enemy feeds off your noticeable pain
It's the only way they maintain there reign
A bullshit ass throne at that might I add
Excuse my frustration
But sometimes seeing it in writing is my only form of relaxation
As I lay here with these endless thoughts
They blather through my mind non-stop
I'm thirsty for some sleep
Please let my body rest into a slumber
Perhaps six feet under is to deep for me
Pardon me for the late night ramble


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