Make The Best Out of Everything

December 14, 2011

I've hit rock bottom! Many of you will think I'm ludicrous but the real deal is I'm not content with the weight I've lost since May. I'm at 116 lbs when I really need to be at 110. I'm in this never-land zone and I've plateaued. Meaning no matter how good I eat or how hard I exercise my body refuses to lose weight! So I'm done fighting myself. I will continue to eat right but I'm going to focus on my target spots and get rid of this excessive fat. I started doing weights, mostly for my arms and shoulders. And I've Google'd the top most efficient ab routines known.

I'm off to a good start! I will rely on my mirror and the way my clothes fit. And I will stop slitting my wrists over the numbers on the scale. (not literally)  I'm satisfied with knowing that my weight remains the same even after I pig out on the weekends and refuse to get off my comfortable bed. I blame it on football! All my brothers want to eat while they watch the game is pizza and soda. How can I say no to a perfectly carbonated drink and mount of deliciousness? I CAN'T! Therefore I pay the consequences and roar about them later. (Like now). Anyhow, it's Wednesday and tomorrow is pay day. I will conclude my Christmas shopping.

On a drastic turn of events, my guy BFF since the 9th grade, Mr. Nam Tran, lost his father two days ago. And even though he sounds perfectly composed on the phone, I can hear the wreckage in his unspoken words. Yesterday on my way home, we reminisced for an entire hour on the things his father used to do and not once did I hear his voice crack. But when the pauses came and went I knew his mind was taking a different toll. Even when we went out to eat Pho last Thursday, and his father had been resubmitted to the hospital that exact day, Nam kept smiling and chatting as if the world wasn't on his shoulders. And I wish I had his strength at times, if not, all the time. He actually told me, "I didn't call and tell you the day it happened because I didn't want to hear you cry." Imagine that! His father passes, joins the heavens, and he's worried about hearing me cry over the phone!!! His heart is beyond grand. And I can't wait to squeeze him when I see him.
"May the body you left on Earth lay peacefully in the soil God once created. May your soul be lifted and found in the kingdom above. Rest in peace Mr. Tran."

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