Tuesday, January 24, 2012

As The Years Go By, We Grow A Little

I rarely go back and re-read my own posts. Usually when I type up a paragraph on here the only thing I double check is my spelling. But then again it depends on the type of post. Most of my personal posts are tagged under "A Piece of Me". Those are the only ones I usually proofread. Anyhow, I sat here on my lunch break and I went back and re-read several of my posts. And after having this blog for three years, my writing and grammar skills have improved dramatically. My taste for music is partially the same. I listen to alot more East coast music, thanks to Botch of course. My hobbies have remained the same. Books, concerts, movies, and soccer all day everyday.

 I've lost a few good friends along the way. Well, obviously they weren't that good of friends or else they would still be around. My fathers' condition hasn't improved either but he is still alive and breathing so we really can't complaint. I completed my Associates in Science as I planned but I didn't end up going to school to become a dental hygienist. I changed my mind along the way. Now I want to be an art teacher. And that has also been paused. I changed jobs and vehicles. Rest in Peace to my Jeep Dory. And I'm content with what I have now, my dearest McKinzey, Lincoln MKZ.

My son is now in the first grade and he's quite a book worm. I still remember the post I did back in 2009 on his first day of school. Tears. I couldn't be any prouder of him. My older brother is putting his Master degree to work by being part of the research team at Methodist Hospital. You know the crew from Big Bang Theory? Well, imagine living with one. Our very own research scientist. Kudos bro. My sister also has a new car. And she very much deserves it. And my younger brother is graduating from high school in a few months. Goodness, when I started this blog, he was barely going to high school. A tiny tadpole. You should see him now. He is 6'2 and he has the most loving personality in the world. And well my Mum, that women is the foundation to our home. And I hope that never changes. Never.

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