Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012

All that used to be isn't anymore.
We lived past that.
There is nothing more exciting than a new beginning.
A clean slate.
Make reasonable resolutions.
Don't set the scale to high and let yourself down.
Take big steps, one day at a time.
Take time to take it all in.
Filtrate the bullshit and the haters.
Fuck them all.
Family first.
Make time for yourself this year.
There's a billion them, there's only one of you.
Slow down.
Reading is knowledge.
Exercise works out both the body and the mind. Do it.
Music conquers the inner soul. Listen.
Don't repeat those lessons. Learn from them.
Keep to yourself.
Mind your own.
Maintain a low-key persona.
Disregard the unnecessary.
Love crazy.
Live right.
Do it all over tomorrow.

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