Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just The Thought of His Name

My heart is in a frenzy right know! Although, I should know better but continue to make the error of putting more emphasis into matters like this, I JUST CAN'T HELP IT. I think entirely way too much. He simply invited me to Monster Jam this weekend. Simple as that. And he has let me down several times before in the past, but this time I don't think he will. Or I at least want to believe that he's a man of this word this time around. Either way, my heart beats a little faster when I see him or when I see a text message come in with his name on it. It flutters like crazy! My mind and heart are electrified by him! Simmer down mind. Simmer down heart. Peace.


Carmen Lee said...

If it's meant to happen it will happen. Just hope for the best Pearl! Love ya!

PQT said...